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Les Petites Choses Production


LPCP is a new civil force and an art collective comprised of 13 members, including 12 dancers/creators and one strategic designer. 


LPCP believes in the fundamental value 'Art is for people, with people' thus crafts its works since 2014 and come up with two areas of focus : 'transcultural dance co-creation' and 'dance in public space.' 


From 2016 to 2017, LPCP collaborates and performs the participatory repertoire 《It takes two to tango》 in 13 cafes for 45 shows. In 2018, LPCP initiates the first subscription crowdfunding performing arts project in Taiwan, 《Monday School - A civic art platform for all》 with a remarkable achievement in the industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, LPCP adapts and transforms its organization structure into an art cooperative with the collective efforts of all members while comes up with its new visions: 'everything we learned on the street', 'borderless creativity', and 'NOW school.'

© Taipei Fine Arts Museum 

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