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​Deputy head

LIN Su-Lien

In recent years, Su-Lien’s focus when constructing artistic work has shifted from training and exploring nonprofessional dancers to how to integrate dance and various kinds of art forms. She is looking forward to developing an outcome outside the box. As a dancer and a performer, Su-Lien’s unrestricted creativity makes her prominent and distinguishes her from any other art form. Dance is her root, yet she will not be bound by it.

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​Art Director

YANG Nai-Hsuan (Sunny)

YANG is the Artistic Director of Les Petites Choses Production. The dance company was selected as the annual performing arts group of Taipei City for 2021-2022. Compared to the brilliance of creative works, YANG is more concerned about the malleability of the playfulness in human nature and how amusement can become a lasting personal celebration inside. This is who she is and also a starting point where she anchors her aesthetic philosophy among different media as a human being. This is also how she relects on actors and viewers in her curious quest. Therefore, body movements have become a language she shares with everyone. This is a game as well as a debate. Different physical status further enrich this dialogue, because experiences do not pop out of thin air. They are both private and public, limited and free.

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​Director of Strategy

CHEN Yun-Chen(Lucky)

CHEN Yun-Chen is a trans-disciplinary design strategist, artivist and researcher. He has lived in USA and Germany, advancing his studies under the guidance of Professor Dr. Michael Erlhoff who first introduced the concept of Service Design.

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​Core members

CHANG Chien-Hao 


Born in Yunlin Taiwan 1985. Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, bachelor’s in dance.

He established the Chang Dance Theatre with his three brothers in 2011, while being active as a member of Les Petites Choses Production. 

Chien-Hao also collaborates with practitioners across the performing arts, visual, drama, circus and other media.


​Art Administration

CHEN Hsin-Ning


Since 2009, Chen Hsin-Ning has cooperated with various performing arts groups as producer, executive producer, or copywriter. Now she is the production coordinator of Les Petites Choses Production from 2021.

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CHEN Yi-Chin





CHEN YI-CHIN is born and raised in Chiayi County. She graduated from the Dance department of Taiwan National University of Arts and is currently based in Taiwan as a freelance performance artist and a dancer at Les Petites Choses Production. Her performance and creation are not limited by monotonous form. Influenced by her awareness of gender issues, she has been teaching parent-child movement related classes. She aims to bring out the essence from the everyday and transform them into artworks that touch the public. 

Ya-Wei as a creator, dancer, dance teacher, action guide.she as a resident artist in Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial and Treasure Hill Artist Village,Nantou Jiji Art Festival.she has participated in rural performances in Taipei and Madou many times, and devoted herself to using physical art to shorten the distance between people.
In the theater art work of cross-field cooperation,to show the creativity of the body, also try to use the psychology of fairy tales as a creation, or develop body courses with physical and spiritual meaning, learn to communicate with different artists, , to explore the possibility of more different artistic aspects.

Ya-Yuan is currently a member of “Les Petites Choses Production”(Dance Troupe). Since 2014, has cooperated with independent artists and teams in various fields at domestic and foreign as performers, creators, and theater body designers. In 2018-2019, has represented Taiwan as Artist in Residency (AIR) performers in “Asia Dance Community Program <HereThere>" respectively in Gwangju and Seoul, South Korea.

In recent years, has been devoted to the practice of theatre creation, dance promotion and event planner as a performer and creator.

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PAN Yu-Hsun


PAN Yu-Hsun

Yi-En comes from Yilan, a rainy city. He started to learn dance because he likes to choreograph. He has been supported by several Taiwan young choreographer’s organizations since 2012. His works focus on the flow of emotional states and loneliness.

During his artistic journey, Yi-En collaborated as a full-time dancer for Cloud Gate 2 and participated in tours in China, the UK and the US with the troupe. In 2018, he was awarded the Paris Residential Program by the Ministry of Culture, and won prizes in Japan, Poland.

Speaking of the love of his life? Other than family and boyfriend, it's Les petites choses production !

PAN Yu-Hsun
Graduated from the University of Taipei’s Bachelor in Sport Performing Arts, his professional training and personal interests made him develop a unique style which combines Breaking to Contemporary dance, a style which accompanies he whenever he perform. Being an expert in Breaking and integrating any kinds of contemporary bodily techniques to it is what enabled him to make his place in this highly competitive field of work.

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CHU Pie-Rong

CHU Pei-Rong born in Yonghe, New Taipei City, graduated from National Taiwan Normal University , the interior design group of the Department of Industrial Education. Enlightened at the age of 19, he studied street dance, specializing in HIPHOP and HOUSE. At the age of 21, He was exposed to contemporary dance. He felt that body differences, logic arrangement, and realized performers need a context to present dance works, interpretation of music, and body usage habits. Unlike street dance, He found a new world, and tried to integrate it. While teaching choreography from the hip-hop technique, he successively cooperated with different creators such as Peng Xiaoyin, Wei Guangqing, Xu Fangyi, Zhu Weiting, Yang Naixuan, Zhang Jianhao, Huang Huaide, Hu Jian, and Li Mingjie.


SHEN Le graduated from the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Chang Gung University Medical College. Now he is a dancer of “Les Petites Choses Production”. He started to dance because he want to prove that everyone even in huge shape can be a dancer since he was in college. After being a street dancer, in order to discover more possibilities of performing and dancing, he tried some theater performances and modern dance. Specializes in different kinds of performances, also started to choreograph.

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Yu-Min is a Performer, Photographer, and Filmmaker .


Dance for him, at first it was the possibility of gaining self-confidence. After a few years, it became a way to express emotions . Now, dance is his partner of life.


The body style of hip-hop dance is not  a limitation for him, and various possibilities are opened up through performing arts styles in different fields. He likes to observe the daily behavior of people with different body shapes or emotions.


He is looking forward to seeing the real beauty of people in various ways.

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